Website Development Using CMS

Drupal is a widely used Open Source Content Management System. This basic course imparts knowledge about components of Drupal and how they can be customized to build feature rich web applications. 

Training Content: 
  • Introduction - What is CMS, Client-Server Architecture, wamp server
  • Introduction to Drupal - What is Drupal, Drupal Architecture
  • Basic components - Node, Block, Panel, Modules, etc.
  • Beginning the project - Choosing a theme, Downloading suitable modules
  • Customization  - Customizing properties of components to get the required look
  • Adding content  - Text & images 
  • Uploading the application

BE (CS/IT) students of 7th semester/ freshers/ IT Professionals

Training Approach: 
Based on Assignments
Technology & Tools: 

Drupal 7.0, wamp server

Training Duration: 

6 weeks