Software Development Process

Coding is considered to be of prime importance but is merely 15-20% of entire System life cycle. Do you know the remaining 80% which is entirely the process? Analysis, Design & Maintenance form the remaining part & industry looks for fresher who know these basics because you cannot justify your degree in Software development if you do not know the processes that are used to engineer software.

Training Content: 
  • Concept of system & software, system & software engineering
  • Introduction to process & SDLC
  • Key phases in SDLC
  • Understanding system objective, feasibility study & project planning
  • Requirements phase – Capturing user requirements through interviews, use cases, etc., Validating & documenting them in SRS.
  • Design phase – Applying OO approach to Database, system & GUI design.
  • Design phase - Logical & Physical database design using DFD, ER. Unit & System design (Classes & modules). Concepts of friendly & effective user interface.
  • Implementation phase – Applying cohesion & coupling, modularity, etc. while translating design into code
  • Testing phase – Types of testing, Preparing test plan & test cases, doing unit testing
  • Maintenance – Introduction, types, applying quality.
  • Complementary Session on ‘Project Management’

BE (CS/IT) or MCA students having done at least one project, fresher or IT professional

Training Approach: 
Based on Case Study
Technology & Tools: 

NetBeans IDE, Java with Swing, MySQL, StarUML, Dia/MySQL Workbench


SRS, Use Case, Test Case & Test Plan

Hands On: 

Use Case, Data Flow Diagram, Entity-Relationship Diagram

Training Duration: 

20 days (1.5 hrs daily)