Manual Software Testing

What is software without Quality? Quality Assurance & Quality Control are inseparable & highly important for software industry. And testing is a way to ensure quality. Thus testing is an essential characteristic of industrial software development. This program intends to give you the basic orientation on testing that will help you understand & improve quality of code as a developer.

Training Content: 
  • Overview – What is testing, what are bugs, defects, errors
  • Principles of testing - Psychology of tester, Defect life cycle
  • Testing & Quality – Quality Assurance & Quality Control
  • Levels of Testing – Unit, Integration, UA
  • Types of Testing – White & Black box, Incremental
  • Special Types – Load, Stress, web, database, security testing
  • Test Life cycle – Test Plan, Test Case design & Execution, Test log, Test reports
  • Collecting Metrics, Verification & Validation

BE(CS/IT) or MCA students having done at least one project/ freshers/ IT Professionals

Training Approach: 
Based on Case Study
Hands On: 

Designing Test Plan, Writing & executing test cases, Test reporting for a sample Java & MySQL application

Training Duration: 

30 days (1.5 hrs daily)