Effective Database Design

You have learnt many a queries of database but do you know the correct procedure to design a database for an application? And is the database you design for college projects good enough for commercial projects in industry? Learn the salient aspects of good & effective database design.

Training Content: 
  • Introduction to Database design – Definition & importance of database, Overview of RDBMS
  • Why projects need good database design - Identifying system objective, relevant data & reports
  • Capturing & classifying relevant data – Making use of requirements & ‘Use Case’ scenarios, Identifying entities & relationships
  • Creating a basic data model – Creating ER diagram
  • Eliminating data anomalies - Normalization
  • Refining the data model

BE(CS/IT) or MCA students having done at least one database project, fresher or professional.

Training Approach: 
Based on Case Study
Hands On: 

Designing ER diagram & Physical tables using MySQL Workbench/Dia

Training Duration: 

5 days (1.5 hrs daily)