CSS or Cascade Style Sheets have transformed the design of website & how we look at them. Sites are no more plain & boring but are filled with colors, interactivity & plethora of unique elements, thanks to CSS.

Training Content: 
  •    CSS Fundamentals
  •    Types of CSS
  •    Selectors
  •    Properties and Property Values
  •    Colors  and  Measurements
  •    Images and Backgrounds (URL)
  •    Font properties
  •    Types of layouts
  •    Margins, Padding and Borders
  •    CSS Tables, Links & Lists
  •    CSS Forms
  •    CSS User Interface
  •  New Features of CSS3

BE (CS/IT) or MCA students

Training Approach: 
Based on Case Study
Hands On: 

Creating a basic website

Training Duration: 

10 Days