About Skill Setu

Skill Setu – Skill Setu is the training division of GENPRO that designs & delivers CERTIFICATE training programs on prevalent industry processes & technologies. ‘Setu’, belonging to the Hindi language, means bridge. Hence, at Skill Setu, our objective is to make students aware of the knowledge that is actually sought & develop skills of students & professionals to bridge the gap between requirements of Corporate & the candidates’ proficiency.

Offerings from Skill Setu – Seminars, Guest Lectures, Classroom Training, Project Work, E-learning/Online Tutorial, Technical Blogs

Why Skill Setu? Simply because it is ‘From the industry, of the industry & by the industry’

  • From the Industry – Initiated by experienced IT Professionals from TCS
  • Of the Industry - Programs that reflect the current industry practices & technology preferences
  • By the Industry - Trainings designed & conducted by experienced IT Professionals from companies like TCS, HP, Oracle, Infosys, IBM, Accenture, etc.

Not just plain programming language training, but industry relevant trainings. Skill Setu brings authentic trainings with certficates from GENPRO. Our training portfolio -